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Mallu College Girl Poonam had always been a shy and reserved girl, but everything changed when she met her boyfriend, Rohit. The 18-year-old was head over heels in love with him and their intimate affair was the talk of the town. Poonam's family, however, was not aware of their relationship and she had to sneak around to meet Rohit. But their love was strong and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Poonam's ass was the object of Rohit's desire and he couldn't resist touching and caressing it every chance he got. Their passionate love-making was like a fire that couldn't be put out. But little did Poonam know, Rohit had a secret. He was also having a bpxx with a cheating wife. Poonam's world came crashing down when she found out about his infidelity. She was heartbroken and felt betrayed. But in the end, she realized that she deserved better and moved on, leaving behind the memories of their intimate affair.
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